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Access to the Cannabis Reports API allows you to develop personal business tools on a foundation of accurate information.


Promote consumer confidence in your brand by linking lab tests and professional photos to your entire product inventory.


Establish your company as an industry leader by accurately presenting your product and brand details in a legitimate format.


Manage the locations and pricing of all of your products without relying on dispensaries to update their online menus.


Strengthen community engagement by providing consumers with a space to interact with your brand through reviews and direct messages.


Secure more sales inquiries from dispensaries now able to explore your inventory without scheduling in-person demos.

Market data to help you grow

Access market data for your brand to make real-time business decisions based on solid numbers. Knowing the value of your individual products will help you better negotiate with dispensaries, and obtain the best price for your inventory.

Control your online presence

Elevate your company with a discoverable page, built for consumer exploration. Distinguish your brand by providing consumers with complete product details, including lab tests, professional photos, and up-to-date availability.

Plans for any company size



Billed Monthly

For small companies selling to less than 25 places.



Billed Monthly

For medium sized companies selling to 25 to 50 places.



Billed Monthly

For larger companies selling to more than 50 places.


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